When it comes to securing guaranteed car finance, the challenges in being accepted can feel pretty drastic. To help you get around this irritating problem, we’ve devised a plan to help you get out of your rut. By offering a 3 month or 6-month long term car hire, A2B Car Hire ensures you can get easy and effective rentals at affordable prices.

This allows you to get access to an affordable and easy-going agreement that, in time, will make it so much easier for you to control and command respect on the roads.

If you feel like you are tied into a credit agreement at the moment that you feel uncomfortable with, or you find that getting bad credit car finance is beyond your current means, then come and speak to our team.

With our guaranteed car finance, you no longer need to try and make do with what you can get elsewhere.

How Our 3/6 Month Car Lease Program Works

This is designed to allow those who need to get on the roads the opportunity to get a quality car they can rely upon and trust. Being able to drive should not be a premium opportunity: it should be affordable and plausible. Previous financial mistakes should not limit you from being able to better your circumstances and improve the quality of life that you lead.

At A2B CAR HIRE, we recognize this and do everything that we can to make that so. This program, then, has been specifically designed to provide guaranteed car finance for a period of 3-6 months. Now, you can take on a vehicle on a lease, and enjoy a much easier time when it comes to making monthly payments.

Thanks to changes in legislation, it’s now easier than ever to get access to an affordable lease that can make sure you aren’t trapped into a payment plan you can no longer afford. Our aim here is simple – to provide people who need a helping hand with the opportunity to get back on their feet at an affordable rate.

How Does Your Lease Program Help Me?

All that we ask you to do is take out a lease plan with us for a minimum of three months. In that hire contract, you get the opportunity to show us that you can meet the modest payments asked of you. Once those three months have passed and we feel satisfied that you were capable of working with our bad credit car finance plan, we’ll discuss a long-term rental option.

Usually, we’ll look to either enter a 6-month lease period with you, or give you access to a 12-month purchase agreement. This allows you to buy the car up over a year, making payments much more affordable and making sure that, come the end, you own a quality, used car that comes from a good stock and has been well cared for, meaning it can las you for many years if taken care of afterward.

With basic car rental starting at a meagre £180-per-month, you can get access to bad credit car rental that is going to be affordable, easy to work with, and flexible. We understand that you need this chance, and will do everything that we possibly can to make that a success for you.

Example Agreement

Let’s say that you wished to invest in one of our used Ford Mondeo vehicles. To buy it from a car dealership, you would need to either find a finance agreement or straight cash to buy it outright. At the time of writing, this kind of car would cost you in the region of £3,800. That’s a huge sum of money, and something that many people simply cannot find the fees for.

You’ve tried to get a credit agreement, but previous financial problems have left you an undesirable partner for many firms. To help you through this, we can offer you a 3-month car lease that is going to cost you £350 per month. For a high-end car, this gives you the chance to try it out and also see if you can handle this scale of payment.

Should you be able to make the payments and give the information that we need to fully believe in and trust you, then we will build a platform to take on the 12-month lease with us. If you are happy to do that, then we will go ahead with the program. By doing this, we make it much easier for you to build a platform that allows you to thrive.

Then, you would take on the 12-month car lease that is going to cost you £316/month. Once the 12-months are over with, you would be the full owner of the car. Also, please be aware that you must insure the car – we will not insure the car for you.

Once you have insurance agreed we can take this further. At this point, we can offer free collection or delivery of the vehicle to you.

Should you miss a payment, then the 12-month lease option will be withdrawn from the table. We have to be sure that you can handle the cost of payments and that you can be responsible enough to make the payments possible.

However, we also want you to take the 3-month lease because we want you to be 100% happy with the choice you have made. It means that, before we enter into the long-term lease, that you have had three months of experience and enjoyment sitting in the car and seeing how it responds. Then, all parties can be happy with the purchase option moving forward.

Do I Choose My Vehicle?

We appreciate that when it comes to needing guaranteed car finance, that payments such as the one above might be a touch excessive. We offer basic 3-month lease car hire starting at £180/month. Our selection is varied enough to help you find a vehicle that you can feel comfortable driving time and time again.

Please, come and speak to us and see what kind of car we could locate for you. Our partners will have a selection of cars that we can offer you, and we’ll make it easy for you to find the one that best meets your need and standards. Please be aware that this can take time and we might not be able to get the exact model you ask for.

Working with us, we’ll ensure you start with a 3-month car hire lease that is affordable and easy to work with. Lastly, we also look to take on a 7% retail value deposit of the vehicle before the purchase can be finalized: speak to us about this when you are ready to move forward and we can put in place a plan.

Got any questions? Then contact A2B Car Hire today. We’ll do what we can to give you help on arranging the ideal 3-month car lease for guaranteed car finance. This is your chance to get back on the roads and find a love for driving once again – sound like what you need? Contact us today.