Unlike other car rental companies A2B car hire which is a leader in Long term car rental mainly rents out second hand cars, our vehicles range from 2003 up to 2014. When you call our company, we will speak to you and identify your requirements, based upon what you tell us we will recommend you a vehicle.

Free Delivery and Collection.
When you take a 3 month car hire from A2B you will be pleased to know that we offer a free delivery and collection service. The vehicle you book will be delivered to your home address and will be collected from your home address at the end of the rental. We would kindly ask if you can collect and drop of the driver to the nearest major train station. 

Reliable cars.
Our cars are serviced regularly, the last thing you need when you take out a long term car hire is to have a car breakdown on you, however no one can predict the future, should the car breakdown, we would ask you to recover the car to our head office in Chester, once that has been done we can arrange another long term car hire replacement for you.

After your long term rental has finished, we would be more than happy to allow you to extend the car for another 3 months, you will normally get a discount after your booking depending on stock levels. 


Our vehicles do not come with insurance, normally our customers have a current insurance policy in place, therefore you can simply call you insurance company and switch the policy to our vehicle. If you do not have insurance, we can assist you in obtaining insurance to cover the car, however there is a £50 charge to do so.