Long Term Car Rental @ A2B CAR HIRE


We offer affordable  long term car hire to customers looking to rent a car from 3 months or longer. Most of our clients are looking for a long term rental as either their car is in for repair, or they have ordered a new car and have to wait for the delivery of their new car. With this in mind when you book a car with A2B Car Hire, we normally allow a free 2 week extension. (Subject to availability).

The majority of our cars, are purchased directly from the insurance companies, and have slight accident damage, as which may be classed at cat C or cat D


To be competitive, A2B cars are insured to our business, and not to the person who rents the car. If you have a current car insurance policy in place, check to see if it allows you to drive any other car third party, if not you would need to take out a live policy on the car we rent you. A2B Car Hire, can help you arrange the insurance. 

Where to collect.

All of our vehicles are located 10 minutes from Chester Station. You will have to arrange to get to the train station, and we will take you to the vehicle. We can arrange delivery and collection but it will cost you £300.