Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.


The seller agrees to sell the vehicle to the buyer on the start date you need the car


The vehicle you have agreed to Purchase is a  xxxxxxxxxxx


You agree to sell back the car to A2B CAR HIRE at the end of the period for £1.00

You agree that you will arrange suitable insurance for the vehicle.


You agree that during the time you have the vehicle if there is a puncture or nail in the tyre you will replace the effected tyre.

Any fixed penalty offence of contravention in respect of the vehicle under part III or section 66 of the road traffic act 1988 including congestion charging and any excess parking charges in respect to any order under section 45 / 46 of the road regulations traffic act 184, as well as any other penalty charge insured under the road traffic act 1991 / damage caused I will accept responsibility. There will be a £50 admin fee to process any tickets received in relation to this vehicle.


Current miles is ________________ restricted to 2100 per month 0.40p charge per mile thereafter


The vehicle will be delivered and collected from the customers home address

8. Please note that A2B cars do not provide any break down cover, if in the event of a fault / issue with the vehicle you must arrange the car to be delivered to our repair centre in Chester / Guildford. Once the car has arrived we will provide a replacement car at no extra cost.