12 Month Car Finance

About the program

The program is designed to allow our customers to purchase one of our vehicles and pay for the car over 12 months.

Due to a change in the credit consumer licence guidelines, small businesses do not require a credit consumer licence to allow you to pay for a item over 12 months.

How does it work.

We would require you to take out a 3-month long term car hire contract in order to show you can afford the monthly payments, after 3 months the long term car rental contract will end, and you will enter in to a 12 month purchase agreement.


Ford Mondeo with a retail value of £3800.

3 Monthly payments of £350 followed by

12 monthly payments of £316.

If you miss any of the car rental payments, the 12 month agreement will not go ahead. The reason why you must take out a long term car hire agreement, is

1) To prove you can afford the payments.

2) It gives you a chance to see how the car drives, and make sure you happy to move forward on a 12 month contract.

Can I choose my own car

In theory, the answer is YES however, we must provide that car to you, we have a selection of partners we work with, so it could take a while to find the ideal car you are looking for. There is also a deposit required of 7% of the retail value before we purchase the car of your choice.